New Study Starting Soon!

We are wrapping up our Wednesday Evening Study of "The Book of Signs" and sometime in April we will begin a new study on Dr. David Jeremiah's study "The Handwriting on the Wall" which is a study on the book of Daniel.  Daniel is an amazing book and I am looking forward to this study.

We also have options this time around.  I am going to broadcast the sessions live and although it will not be a two way video there will be an area where you can ask questions.  I am going back and forth between broadcasting them on our web page or on Facebook live so if you have a preference please let me know.  There are pros and cons to both.

If you would like to attend this study there are workbooks that you will need.  I have some or you can order your own.  Be sure to get the current edition which is on Dr. Jeremiahs website click here.  There is also a book by the same title that can be purchased as well, but will not be required for this study.

Would love to see you there either in person or online (if online please let me know by email