We have re-opened!

Our Changes due to Carona Virus

Update 5/18/2020  We have re-opened our for our Worship Servies but we are still live-streaming our services for those who are not ready or unable to join us in person.  We need to continue in our prayers about this virus, it is not over yet.

We need to pray.  Pray for the unsaved that the Holy Spirit will touch them and they will see the Truth.  Pray for our nation and its leaders during this time.  Pray for the healthcare and emergency workers out on the front lines dealing with these patients and putting themselves in harms way.  Pray for one another for encouragement and comfort.  You can follow THIS LINK  and it will take you to our "connect" page where you can add your prayer request to it.

Thank you for your cooperation in all of this.


Welcome to Valley Community Church, Rapid City, SD


We are glad that you stopped by.  We are a small church located outside of Rapid City, SD.  Although we may be smaller in size,  we are mighty in the Word.  We teach and preach the Truth as Jesus gave it to us.  We are unwilling to compromise our beliefs just because the world has changes, God has not.  He is the same as He was when He created our universe and as He will always be in the future.  The Bible is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

We invite you to join us this Sunday!

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