Our Pastors

Pastor Bill
Pastor Bill Jeffery
Passtor Ward Yanders
Passtor Ward Yanders

Pastor Bill retired from a career in public service including 23 years as a Police Officer and 12 years as a 911 dispatcher.  After his retirement his wife Mavis soon realized that he needed something to do so with her encouragement he attended a Bible Institute for several years and in 2015 he was ordained as a Pastor.  He was called to lead the church with Pastor Ward in April of 2019.

Bill has been married to Mavis for 40+ years and they have 3 grown daughters Shell, Jennifer, and Pamela and they are blessed to have them and their families still living in the area so Mavis can spoil those grand babies whenever she feels inclined.

Pastor Bill does the majority of the adult education and feels that his calling and the gift that God has blessed him with is that of teaching.  He also does a good chunk of the administrative day to day operations.

Pastor Ward has been a student of the Bible for many years and was ordained by Valley Community Church in 2016 after a 35 year career in the United States Air Force Fire Service.  He was called to lead this church with Pastor Bill also in April of 2019.

Ward does the majority of the preaching and leads our Men's group as well as many of the behind the scenes duties.

Ward and his wife Linda have been married for 40+ years and have 1 son and 2 daughters and 10 grandchildren whom they enjoy spending time with.