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Sunday School

We believe God intended life to be lived in community.  While our worship services are great for worship and hearing the Word of God, Sunday School is where a life of faith is lived out.  It’s where we build close relationships, bear one another’s burdens, and wrestle with our fears, doubts and what it means to follow Jesus in our daily lives.  We offer classes for young and old alike.  Please join us and be encouraged/  If you’d like more information please contact Pastor Bill at 605-390-1782 or email

Bible Study

Bible Study

Currently we havean adult Bible Study at the Church on Wednesday evenings at 6pm.  We meet for about an hour and learn from the Word of God nad we have a lot of discussion abou how this applies to each of us.  If is a great time of learning and sharing.  We will be beginning a new study called "The Handwriting on the Wall" a study of the Book of Daniel.  This is another of Dr. David Jeremiah's studies and it will begin Wednesday evening April 15th at 6:00 pm.  Anyone can participate as we will be broadcasting online for this series.