We live in small town USA with a population of about 70,000 and including surrounding towns maybe 120,000 or so. This morning my wife goes to get us some groceries and on the list was toilet paper. Not stockpiling, just we need some toilet paper just like we always have. She went to a couple store and nothing, all out, so she goes to Sam’s club (now this is just after 7 am) and there is a waiting line! They got some in and people were waiting for it to come in from the warehouse area and within a few minutes of its arrival, it was all gone (yes my wife was able to get a package).

I said all that to get to the this point, REALLY! Yes there is a virus. Yes we need to be concerned about it. But no, you do not need 3 months worth of toilet paper! This is a total over-reaction to what is going on and what the experts are telling us.

This virus I guarantee you is non-political. It does not care if you are independent, liberation, republican, or democrat and we need to be non-political on this as well. We cannot ignore what the experts are telling us. I don’t care what Trump or Biden have to say about it, but I do care what the Surgeon General and the CDC have to say about it and the guidelines that they have given us to follow.

We have to stop all this division and over-reaction to this. Just use common sense. This has hit just over 100,000 people WORLD wide. The earths population is in the neighborhood of 7.53 Bbillion people.  Use that as your perspective.  This shows that just over 0.000013% of the population has been touched by this illness.

Pay attention, be careful, stay aware of what is going on with this virus,  but please use common sense when reacting to this.  Look at the facts not the politics!